NonGNU ELPA Packages

apache-mode2.2.0Major mode for editing Apache httpd configuration files
arduino-mode1.3.0Major mode for editing Arduino code
bison-mode0.4Major mode for editing bison, yacc and lex files.
caml4.9Caml mode for GNU Emacs
clojure-mode5.13.0Major mode for Clojure code
crux0.4.0A Collection of Ridiculously Useful eXtensions
d-mode202003130913D Programming Language major mode for (X)Emacs
dart-mode1.0.7Major mode for editing Dart files
editorconfig0.8.2EditorConfig Emacs Plugin
evil1.14.0extensible vi layer
geiser0.16GNU Emacs and Scheme talk to each other
geiser-chez0.16Chez Scheme's implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-chibi0.16Chibi Scheme's implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-chicken0.16Chicken's implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-gambit0.16Gambit's implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-gauche0.0.2Gauche scheme support for Geiser
geiser-guile0.17Guile's implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-kawa0.0.1Kawa scheme support for Geiser
geiser-mit0.13MIT/GNU Scheme's implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-racket0.16Support for Racket in Geiser
geiser-stklos1.3STklos Scheme implementation of the geiser protocols
git-commit3.2.1Edit Git commit messages
gnuplot0.8.0Major-mode and interactive frontend for gnuplot
go-mode1.5.0Major mode for the Go programming language
goto-chg1.7.4Go to last change
guru-mode1.0Become an Emacs guru
haskell-mode4.7.1A Haskell editing mode
highlight-parentheses2.1.0Highlight surrounding parentheses
htmlize1.57Convert buffer text and decorations to HTML.
idris-mode0.9.18Major mode for editing Idris code
inf-clojure3.1.0Run an external Clojure process in an Emacs buffer
j-mode1.1.1Major mode for editing J programs
julia-mode0.4Major mode for editing Julia source code
lua-mode20210802a major-mode for editing Lua scripts
macrostep0.9interactive macro expander
magit3.2.1A Git porcelain inside Emacs
magit-section3.2.1Sections for read-only buffers
markdown-mode2.4Major mode for Markdown-formatted text
multiple-cursors1.4.0Multiple cursors for emacs.
nasm-mode1.1.1NASM x86 assembly major mode
nginx-mode1.1.9major mode for editing nginx config files
org-contrib0.1Add-ons that are no longer distributed with Org-mode
php-mode1.24.0Major mode for editing PHP code
projectile2.5.0Manage and navigate projects in Emacs easily
prop-menu0.1.2Create and display a context menu based on text and overlay properties
request0.3.3Compatible layer for URL request in Emacs
rubocop0.6.0An Emacs interface for RuboCop
rust-mode0.5.0A major-mode for editing Rust source code
sass-mode3.0.16Major mode for editing Sass files
scala-mode0.23Major mode for editing Scala
slime2.26.1Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
sly1.0.43Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE
smartparens4.7.1Automatic insertion, wrapping and paredit-like navigation with user defined pairs.
swift-mode8.3.0Major-mode for Apple's Swift programming language
systemd1.6Major mode for editing systemd units
tuareg2.3.0OCaml mode for Emacs.
web-mode17.0.4major mode for editing web templates
wgrep2.3.3Writable grep buffer and apply the changes to files
with-editor3.0.4Use the Emacsclient as $EDITOR
yaml-mode0.0.15Major mode for editing YAML files
yasnippet-snippets1.0Collection of yasnippet snippets
zig-mode0.0.8A major mode for the Zig programming language