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Transclude over HTTP
org-transclusion-http-0.4.tar (.sig), 2024-Jun-20, 30.0 KiB
Joseph Turner <~ushin/>
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Transclude content over HTTP in Org mode with org-transclusion!


org-transclusion-http uses Pandoc to render HTML content as Org mode, so to make full use of this package please ensure that the pandoc command is installed and in your PATH.


Install org-transclusion-http with M-x package-install RET org-transclusion-http and then add the following snippet to your configuration:

(with-eval-after-load 'org-transclusion
  (add-to-list 'org-transclusion-extensions 'org-transclusion-http)
  (require 'org-transclusion-http))


Add an org-transclusion link to an Org mode buffer:

#+transclude: [[]]

Then move point onto the link, and run M-x org-transclusion-add. Emacs will download the webpage and convert its HTML content to Org mode with Pandoc before displaying as an Org subtree in the same buffer.

org-transclusion-http also handles non-HTML content, which will be rendered as-is.

For more information on org-transclusion, please see the org-transclusion manual.

Transclude only content at HTML link fragment

When the #+transclude: link contains a link fragment, also known as an anchor or target, org-transclusion-http attempts to guess which HTML element(s) to transclude:

#+transclude: [[]] # Just "Care" subtree
#+transclude: [[]]      # Whole file

To improve org-transclusion's ability to determine which HTML elements to transclude based on the element its link fragment points to, please patch the org-transclusion-html.el file in org-transclusion itself.

For more usage examples, please see the tests.


Certain features of org-transclusion, such as live-syncing and opening source buffers, are not supported.

:lines are not yet supported. Patches welcome!

Bugs and Patches

Bugs can be submitted to the ushin issue tracker. Patches, comments or questions can be submitted to the ushin public inbox.



  • Fix
    • Fix byte compilation error. Thanks to Chris Rayner for reporting!
  • Internal
    • Prepare for NonGNU ELPA submission.
  • Change
    • Better error message when pandoc is not available.
  • Fix
    • Don't prompt to stop HTTP transclusion process when killing Emacs.
  • Internal
    • Better recognition of Org and HTML documents.
    • Update to match upstream org-transclusion API.
    • More tests.

Initial release.

Old versions

org-transclusion-http-0.3.tar.lz2024-Jun-154.64 KiB