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Development files for Helm
helm-core-3.9.8.tar (.sig), 2024-Apr-11, 570 KiB
Thierry Volpiatto <>
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Full description

Contains the main code for Helm.
As a package helm-core provides the files helm-core.el, helm-lib.el,
helm-source.el and helm-multi-match.el.

Old versions

helm-core-3.9.7.tar.lz2024-Mar-31 114 KiB
helm-core-3.9.6.tar.lz2023-Nov-22 114 KiB
helm-core-3.9.5.tar.lz2023-Sep-08 113 KiB
helm-core-3.9.4.tar.lz2023-Aug-18 111 KiB
helm-core-3.9.3.tar.lz2023-Aug-06 109 KiB
helm-core-3.9.2.tar.lz2023-Jul-31 108 KiB
helm-core-3.9.1.tar.lz2023-Jul-10 108 KiB
helm-core-3.9.0.tar.lz2022-Nov-12 109 KiB
helm-core-3.8.9.tar.lz2022-Nov-11 109 KiB
helm-core-3.8.8.tar.lz2022-Sep-28 108 KiB
helm-core-3.8.7.tar.lz2022-Aug-03 108 KiB
helm-core-3.8.6.tar.lz2022-Jul-03 107 KiB
helm-core-3.8.5.tar.lz2022-Mar-19 106 KiB
helm-core-3.8.4.tar.lz2022-Feb-10 106 KiB
helm-core-3.8.3.tar.lz2022-Feb-05 105 KiB
helm-core-3.6.2.tar.lz2022-Jan-2999.7 KiB



1.1. Version 3.9.8

1.1.1. New helm-finder command
1.1.2. Make `completions-detailed` working with 'emacs' helm-completion-style

It was already working but was really slow and was not supporting `helm-completing-read-command-categories` mechanism which provide `completions-detailed` in much more places than Emacs vanilla.

1.1.3. Helm-goto-line save position even when using persistent actions
1.1.4. helm-info is now colorized
1.1.5. Displaying thumnails is now slighly faster
1.1.6. Add a new mode to edit bookmark annotations

When viewing an annotation you had to kill the buffer, restart helm-bookmarks, and run the edit annotation action, now you can edit directly from the view buffer.

1.1.7. It is now possible to rename marked bookmarks
1.1.8. New compress/uncompress/compress-to action in helm-find-files

All actions are asynchronous except the persistent ones.

1.1.9. Allow toggling while-no-input for easier edebugging

Use the new `helm-update-edebug` variable to enable this.

1.1.10. And various bug fixes as always

1.2. Version 3.9.7

1.2.1. Fix package-requires in helm.el

1.3. Version 3.9.6

1.3.1. Fix bug with helm-mm-exact-search (bug#2616)
1.3.2. Improve locate library fns
1.3.3. Fix a old bug with candidate transformer

candidate-transformer functions should behave the same in in-buffer and sync source: transforming all candidates.

1.3.4. Fix kmacro for Emacs-29+
1.3.5. Various minor bug fixes

1.4. Version 3.9.5

1.4.1. Add compatibility with Emacs-28< for helm-packages

Tested with emacs-27.

1.4.2. Add new action package-isolate for helm-packages

Allow launching a new Emacs with only package(s).

1.4.3. Packages list can be refreshed with C-c C-u

BTW there is no more option to update from actions with prefix arg.

1.4.4. Add more affixations fns for completing-read

Themes, colors etc…

1.4.5. Add new var helm-compleions-detailed for emacs-27

This allow using completions-detailed in Emacs-27 with various describe-* functions.

1.4.6. Helm-occur now doesn't hang when trying to match empty lines

With "^$".

1.4.7. Highlight matches in M-x highlight only commands

I.e. Items in short documentation are not highlighted.

1.5. Version 3.9.4

1.5.1. Add two new alists to allow extending completions-detailed

This allows providing detailed completions in more places, see `helm-completing-read-extra-metadata` and `helm-completing-read-command-categories`. They are not provided as user variables as it may be tricky to provide the corresponding affixations functions. As of now we have detailed completions in describe-function/variable/symbol/command/package, find-function/variable, switch-to-buffer, customize-variable/group, package-(vc)install, package-vc-checkout.

1.5.2. New helm packages manager

The old helm-elisp-package has been replaced by helm-packages. The old one was too slow, taking lot of memory and even crashing Emacs especially with last Emacs-29.

1.6. Version 3.9.3

1.6.1. Ensure to use affixation functions provided by caller in helm-mode

1.7. Version 3.9.2

1.7.1. New progress bar for Rsync action from helm-find-files
1.7.2. Describe-* commands with completions-detailed are now fast
1.7.3. Use Wfnames package as dependency to replace Wdired

1.8. Version 3.9.1

1.8.1. helm-config file has been removed

Therefore (require 'helm-config) will return an error, don't use this anymore. If installing from source use instead (require 'helm-autoloads), otherwise from a package install, the autoloads file will be automatically loaded.

1.8.2. Allow using helm-completion-styles-alist by command
1.8.3. New mode for editing large vars

Will be used automatically when using the set variable action from helm-apropos.

1.8.4. Improve all-the-icons in many places