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minor mode for editing parentheses
paredit-26.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 170 KiB
Taylor R. Campbell <>
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* Paredit Release Notes                                 -*- outline -*-

paredit -- parenthetical editing in Emacs

Latest release:
Current development version:

** Version 26 -- 2022-11-26

Minor bug fix release, mainly to set a new branch scheme:

- `master' branch is where development and releases happen
  => on release, one commit to remove beta and a second to bump version
- `release' branch points at latest release commit on master
- no `maint-N' branches

This replaces the old scheme where master was branched into maint-N and
then the beta tag was stripped off in the maint-N branch, which meant
no one branch would automatically track the current release as ELPA

Other changes:

*** M-s (paredit-splice-sexp) now restores column in text fields like ielm.
*** Deletion now respects `delete-active-region'.

** Version 25 -- 2022-11-25

*** paredit now lives at
*** M-r (paredit-raise-sexp) now respects active mark in Transient Mark Mode.
*** Paredit Mode and Electric Indent Mode are noted as incompatible.
*** M-q (paredit-reindent-defun) now respects `fill-paragraph-function'.
*** New variables `paredit-comment-prefix-...' for `paredit-comment-dwim'.
*** Reading character in Backslash escape now inherits input method.
*** M-r (paredit-raise-sexp) no longer reindents single-line sexps.
*** Various bug fixes and additions to test suite.
*** Worked around brokenness induced by Electric Indent Mode.
**** (Thanks to Sean Whitton for reporting the bug and discussing the fix.)

NOTE: The Electric Indent Mode workaround turns out to break ielm and
other interactive modes, because paredit now defines RET, overriding
the binding in interactive modes that submits an input.

Workaround to restore the old behaviour:

  (define-key paredit-mode-map (kbd "RET") nil)
  (define-key paredit-mode-map (kbd "C-j") 'paredit-newline)

Recommended to disable Electric Indent Mode at the same time.

** Version 24 -- 2014-12-06

*** Slurp/barf now support prefix arguments with the obvious semantics.
*** HTML quick reference is a little prettier now, perhaps.
*** paredit.el no longer defines `backward-down-list'.
*** Slurp `(|) foo' now yields `(|foo)', not the frustrating `(| foo)'.
*** C-M-f/C-M-b (paredit-forward/paredit-backward) now move out of strings.
*** Changed M-" (paredit-meta-doublequote) to not break line, like M-).
*** New command: paredit-meta-doublequote-and-newline has old behaviour.
*** Several commands preserve indentation and point column better.
*** Motion commands support shift selection in GNU Emacs 24 and later.
*** `backward-delete-char' changes in GNU Emacs 24 no longer botch paredit.
*** Various bug fixes.

** Version 23 -- 2013-04-07

Paredit no longer runs in GNU Emacs 20.  It now requires 21 or later.

Paredit now has a small set of automatic tests.

*** New key: `M-?' is bound to `paredit-convolute-sexp'
*** New variable: paredit-override-check-parens-function
*** New command: paredit-delete-region
*** New command: paredit-kill-region
*** Renamed command: paredit-recentre-on-sexp -> paredit-recenter-on-sexp
*** Various bug fixes.

** Version 22 -- 2010-10-09

The copying terms of paredit are now the GPLv3+, rather than the
3-clause BSD licence.

*** Style and Bugs

- paredit.el now has a header and footer conforming to the elisp
  guidelines, so that it can be used with package.el.

- `paredit-mode' now has an autoload cookie.

- Miscellaneous bugs have been fixed, mostly to make paredit behave the
  way it should when before it would simply signal an error, or to make
  paredit signal an error when before it would do something bogus.

*** Altered Behaviour

- `paredit-raise-sexp' (M-r) now works when inside strings and

- `paredit-comment-dwim' (M-;) behaves slightly differently in the
  following case:

    (foo bar

    (foo bar
         baz                            ;|