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Yet Another modal editing
meow-1.4.2.tar, 2022-Dec-30, 380 KiB
Shi Tianshu <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET meow RET

Full description

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1 Introduction

Less is more

Meow is yet another modal editing mode for Emacs.

Meow aims to blend modal editing into Emacs with minimal interference with its original key-bindings, avoiding most of the hassle introduced by key-binding conflicts. This leads to lower necessary configuration and better integration. More is achieved with fewer commands to remember.

Key features compared to existing solutions:

  • Minimal configuration – build your own modal editing system
  • No third-party dependencies (try it without touching your configuration)
  • Doesn't occupy too many keys
    • Much easier to remember for people trying modal editing
    • More keys available for your own key-bindings
    • Most of the time, you don't even need to hold shift!
  • Lightning fast (unlike Evil)
  • Minimizes modifier usage (e.g. SPC x f for C-x C-f) inspired by god-mode
  • Better workflow for kmacro application at multiple locations
  • Interactive selection manipulation and expansion inspired by avy
  • Selection as top-tier object, and keybindings built around selection
  • Compatible with the vanilla Emacs keymap (or any other keymap from any package)
  • Effortless uniform keymaps across modes
  • Key-binding conflict handling made easy

2 Community

Please feel free to ask questions and share ideas in the Discussion.

3 Documents

Get started - Installation and configuration

Tutorial - Learn Meow in 15 minutes

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Commands - Documentation for commands

Customizations - Helper functions and variables

Explanation - Ideas and concepts behind Meow

Changelog - Changes, releases, and news

4 License

Licensed under GPLv3.



Master (Unreleased)

1.4.2 (2022-03-13)

Bugs fixed
  • #163 Fix using command with Meta key bindings in BEACON state.
  • Update the oldest supported Emacs version to 27.1.
  • #204 Allow using keypad in BEACON state.
  • Add "MOVE AROUND THINGs" section to meow-tutor.el.
  • Update meow-goto-line to expand meow-line.
Bugs fixed
  • Fix meow-mark-symbol in BEACON state.
  • #204 Fix keypad in telega.
  • Fix no variable meow--which-key-setup error when deactivating meow.

1.4.1 (2022-02-16)

  • Add which-key support.
  • Add custom variable meow-goto-line-function.
  • ~~Support specified leader keymap by altering meow-keymap-alist.~~
  • Support specifying the target of meow-leader-define-key by altering meow-keymap-alist.
  • Add a variable meow-keypad-leader-dispatch.
Bugs fixed
  • Fix keypad popup delay.
  • Fix keypad popup when C-c is bound to other keymap.
  • #197 Fix meow-kill for select line selection.
  • #198 Fix invalid mode states with poly mode.

1.4.0 (2022-01-24)

Breaking Changes
Keypad Refactor

The rules of KEYPAD is slightly updated to eliminate the need for a leader system. The overall usage is basically unchanged, use same keys for same commands.

  • meow-leader-keymap is removed.
  • A new command meow-keypad is introduced, bound to SPC in NORMAL/MOTION state.
  • Press SPC to enter KEYPAD state.
  • Add quick dispatching from SPC <key> to C-c <key>, where <key> is not one of x, c, h, m, g.

Check document or meow-tutor for updated information.

  • Improve document for word movements.
Bugs fixed
  • Meow is not enabled in existing buffers after desktop-read.

1.3.0 (2022-01-15)

  • #155 #166 #158 Add meow-define-state and meow-register-state to allow user define custom state.
  • Remap describe-key to meow-describe-key which handles the dispatched keybinds.
  • Allow leader in beacon state(still can not switch to keypad).
  • #164 Add fallback support for meta & control-meta prefix in keypad.
Bugs fixed
  • #148 Wrap regexp-quote for raw search in meow-search.
  • #144 #145 #151 Improve wording in meow-tutor.
  • #153 Avoid executing symbol-name w.r.t lambda func.
  • In some cases previous state can't be stored, when dispatching to a keymap with keypad.

1.2.1 (2021-12-22)

Bugs fixed
  • hl-line-mode is not restored correctly after beacon state.
  • Using meow-grab in beacon kmacro recording causes residual overlays.
  • #138 meow-global-mode does not work after being turned off.
  • Wrong count in search indicator when searching same contents cross buffers.
  • Better initial state detection.
  • #143 Wrong column beacon positions when secondary selection is not started with line beginning.

1.2.0 (2021-12-16)

Breaking Changes
Changes for THING register

The built-in thing definition shipped by meow should be more close to what Emacs gives us. So two previously added, complex things are removed. A helper function is added, so you can easily register new thing with Emacs things, functions, syntax descriptions or regexp pairs.

  • A helper function meow-thing-register is provided, check its document for usage.
  • Thing indent and extend has been removed. ... ...