NonGNU ELPA - xml-rpc


An elisp implementation of clientside XML-RPC
xml-rpc-1.6.15.tar, 2022-Jan-01, 70.0 KiB
Mark A. Hershberger <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET xml-rpc RET

Full description

1 Commentary:

This is an XML-RPC client implementation in elisp, capable of both synchronous and asynchronous method calls (using the url package's async retrieval functionality). XML-RPC is remote procedure calls over HTTP using XML to describe the function call and return values.

xml-rpc.el represents XML-RPC datatypes as lisp values, automatically converting to and from the XML datastructures as needed, both for method parameters and return values, making using XML-RPC methods fairly transparent to the lisp code.

2 Installation:

If you use ELPA (, you can install via the M-x package-list-packages interface. This is preferrable as you will have access to updates automatically.

Otherwise, just make sure this file in your load-path (usually ~/.emacs.d is included) and put

(require 'xml-rpc) 

in your ~/.emacs or ~/.emacs.d/init.el file.

3 Requirements

xml-rpc.el uses the url package for http handling and xml.el for XML parsing or, if you have Emacs 27 with libxml included, libxml. url is a part of the W3 browser package. The url package that is part of Emacs 22+ works great.

4 Bug reports

Please use M-x xml-rpc-submit-bug-report to report bugs directly to the maintainer, or use github's issue system.

5 Representing data types

XML-RPC datatypes are represented as follows

type data
int 42
float/double 42.0
string "foo"
base64 (list :base64
  (base64-encode-string "hello" t))
  '(:base64 "aGVsbG8=")
array '(1 2 3 4) '(1 2 3 (4.1 4.2)) [ ]
  '(:array (("not" "a") ("struct" "!")))
struct '(("name" . "daniel")
  ("height" . 6.1))
dateTime '(:datetime (1234 124))

6 Examples

Here follows some examples demonstrating the use of xml-rpc.el

6.1 Normal synchronous operation

(xml-rpc-method-call "http://localhost:80/RPC" 'foo-method foo bar zoo)

6.2 Asynchronous example (cb-foo will be called when the methods returns)

(defun cb-foo (foo)
  (print (format "%s" foo)))

(xml-rpc-method-call-async 'cb-foo "http://localhost:80/RPC"
			   'foo-method foo bar zoo)

6.3 Some real world working examples for fun and play

6.3.1 Check the temperature (celsius) outside's apartment
6.3.2 Fetch the latest NetBSD news the past 5 days from O'reillynet
(xml-rpc-method-call ""
		  '(("channel" . 1024)
		    ("search" . "/NetBSD/")
		    ("time_period" . "5DAY")
		    ("ids" . 0)
		    ("descriptions" . 200)
		    ("categories" . 0)
		    ("channels" . 0)
		    ("dates" . 0)
		    ("num_items" . 5)))