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Embedded SWI-Prolog
sweeprolog-0.27.5.tar (.sig), 2024-Apr-11, 840 KiB
Eshel Yaron <~eshel/>
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Full description

Sweep is an embedding of SWI-Prolog in Emacs.  It uses the C
interfaces of both SWI-Prolog and Emacs Lisp to let you query
Prolog directly from Elisp.  On top of this tight integration,
Sweep provides an advanced development environment for SWI-Prolog
in Emacs.

For more information, see the Sweep manual at
<>.  To read the manual inside
Emacs, do M-x sweeprolog-info-manual, or evaluate (info "(sweep)Top").

Old versions

sweeprolog-0.27.4.tar.lz2024-Mar-31 132 KiB
sweeprolog-0.27.3.tar.lz2024-Jan-02 132 KiB
sweeprolog-0.27.2.tar.lz2023-Nov-27 131 KiB
sweeprolog-0.27.1.tar.lz2023-Nov-16 131 KiB
sweeprolog-0.27.0.tar.lz2023-Nov-12 130 KiB
sweeprolog-0.26.2.tar.lz2023-Nov-09 128 KiB
sweeprolog-0.25.5.tar.lz2023-Oct-20 126 KiB
sweeprolog-0.24.1.tar.lz2023-Sep-09 115 KiB
sweeprolog-0.23.1.tar.lz2023-Aug-31 144 KiB
sweeprolog-0.22.2.tar.lz2023-Aug-14 128 KiB
sweeprolog-0.21.0.tar.lz2023-Jun-27 125 KiB
sweeprolog-0.20.0.tar.lz2023-Jun-19 123 KiB
sweeprolog-0.19.1.tar.lz2023-Jun-14 121 KiB
sweeprolog-0.10.0.tar.lz2022-Dec-2585.4 KiB
sweeprolog-0.9.6.tar.lz2022-Dec-1783.0 KiB
sweeprolog-0.8.12.tar.lz2022-Nov-2275.8 KiB
sweeprolog-0.7.2.tar.lz2022-Oct-2061.9 KiB
sweeprolog-0.6.3.tar.lz2022-Oct-1658.7 KiB
sweeprolog-0.5.4.tar.lz2022-Oct-0948.6 KiB
sweeprolog-0.4.7.tar.lz2022-Oct-0132.2 KiB


This file contains the release notes for Sweep, an embedding of SWI-Prolog in Emacs.

For further details, see the Sweep manual:

Version 0.27.5 on 2024-04-11

Work around Emacs reliance on certain locale settings

This is a bug-fix release, resolving an issue that would manifest on X window systems with certain locales. The issue was rooted in the different assumptions Emacs and SWI-Prolog make regarding the locale, and could lead to seemingly unrelated and inexplicable errors such as:

(error "Invalid hash table rehash size" 1.0)

Version 0.27.4 on 2024-02-03

This is a maintenance release, including a couple of bug fixes:

Fix indentation bug with auto-fill-mode in multi-line comments

Provide at-point documentation for SSU guard goals

Version 0.27.3 on 2024-01-02

Provide at-point documentation (also) in the top-level

Sweep now provides documentation for the predicate at point (with ElDoc) also when you’re editing a query in the top-level.

Bug fixes and documentation improvements

Version 0.27.2 on 2023-11-27

Term-based navigation and editing in the top-level

Sweep now arranges for C-M-f, C-M-u, and related standard commands to operate on Prolog terms in top-level buffers, similarly to how these commands behave in Sweep Prolog mode buffers.

Improve CHR highlighting and help messages

This version includes better support for Constraint Handling Rules from library(chr).

Bug fixes and documentation improvements

Version 0.27.1 on 2023-11-16

In-buffer completion for Prolog flags

Sweep now provides Prolog flag completion for predicates that take a Prolog flag as an argument, such as set_prolog_flag/2 and current_prolog_flag/2.

Predicate completion is now much faster

This version includes several optimizations that speed up in-buffer predicate completion.

Minor bug fixes and improvements

Notably, this version fixes an issue where completion would stop working the Sweep top-level prompt whenever certain strings appeared in the output of past queries.

Version 0.27.0 on 2023-11-12

Highlight the argument at point in ElDoc documentation messages

When displaying the documentation for the predicate at point, Sweep now highlights the argument in the predicate signature that corresponds to the argument at point. This can help you tell which term corresponds to which argument when you’re looking at a predicate call with many complex arguments.

Version 0.26.2 on 2023-11-09

Fix issue with Emacs daemon deleting a pty top-level

This is a maintenance release, addressing an issue that could cause the Emacs daemon to shutdown upon deleting a top-level that uses a pseudo-terminal for communication.

Version 0.26.1 on 2023-10-29

Fix issue with top-level not starting correctly on GNU/Linux

This is a bugfix release, addressing an issue introduced in Sweep version 0.26.0 that could cause starting the Sweep top-level to fail on GNU/Linux systems, with the following message:

Process sweeprolog-top-level failed with code 0

Sweep now sets up Xref in top-level buffers

Xref commands, such as M-. and M-?, now use Sweep’s cross-reference backend also in top-level buffers.

Version 0.26.0 on 2023-10-22

More fine-grained in-buffer completions

This version of Sweep includes improved in-buffer completion for predicate options (declared with predicate_options/3), arithmetic functions, and source file specifications (such as library(lists)).

Sweep now disables input echoing in top-levels when using a pty

Version 0.25.5 on 2023-10-20

Improved predicate completion candidate sorting

… …