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A retro-groove colour theme for Emacs
gruvbox-theme-1.30.1.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 130 KiB
Jason Milkins <>
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Full description

Using autothemer since 1.00

A port of the Gruvbox colorscheme for Vim, built on top of the new built-in
theme support in Emacs 24.

This theme contains my own modifications and it's a bit opinionated
sometimes, deviating from the original because of it. I try to stay
true to the original as much as possible, however. I only make
changes where I would have made the changes on the original.

Since there is no direct equivalent in syntax highlighting from Vim to Emacs
some stuff may look different, especially in stuff like JS2-mode, where it
adds stuff that Vim doesn't have, in terms of syntax.

Old versions

gruvbox-theme-1.30.0.tar.lz2022-Aug-1312.7 KiB
gruvbox-theme-1.27.0.tar.lz2022-Aug-0412.8 KiB
gruvbox-theme-1.26.0.tar.lz2022-Jan-019.88 KiB