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A Haskell editing mode
haskell-mode-17.5.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 2.03 MiB
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To install this package from Emacs, use package-install or list-packages.

Full description

A major mode for editing Haskell (the functional programming
language, see URL `') in Emacs.

Some of its major features include:

 - syntax highlighting (font lock),

 - automatic indentation,

 - on-the-fly documentation,

 - interaction with inferior GHCi/Hugs instance,

 - scans declarations and places them in a menu.

See URL `' and/or
Info node `(haskell-mode)Introduction' for more information.

Use `M-x haskell-mode-view-news` (after Haskell Mode is installed)
to show information on recent changes in Haskell Mode.

Old versions

haskell-mode-17.4.tar.lz2023-Aug-06 828 KiB
haskell-mode-17.2.tar.lz2022-Nov-02 825 KiB
haskell-mode-4.7.1.tar.lz2021-Aug-07 827 KiB


Haskell Mode NEWS                                -*- org -*-

This file uses Org mode. Some useful (default) key-bindings:
 - Use "C-c C-n"/"C-c C-p" to jump to next/prev heading
 - Use "<tab>" to expand/collapse nodes
 - Use "<backtab>" to cycle visibility of all nodes
 - Use "C-c C-o" to open links

* Changes in 17.5

- See [[][Git history]]

* Changes in 17.4

- See [[][Git history]]

* Changes in 17.3

- See [[][Git history]]

* Changes in 17.2

- See [[][Git history]]

* Changes in 17.1

- Require at least Emacs 25.1

- Many fixes and minor improvements

- Improved compatibility with newer GHC and Cabal versions

* Changes in 16.1

- Require at least Emacs 24.3

- Implemented standalone deriving indentation

- Removed haskell-indentation-ifte-offset

- Implemented electric characters

- Added LiquidHaskell annotation highlight

- Introduced haskell-hasktags-path defcustom

- Added font lock tests for pattern synonyms

- Hardcoded haskell-ghc-supported-extensions/options

- Added multi-line input in haskell-interactive

- Added haskell-mode-stylish-haskell-path

- Added Windows CI builds

- Added syntax highlight to Yesod rules quasi quote

- Added support for line continuation in #define's

- Added support unterminated strings in indentation

- Implemented /italic/ and *bold* for haddock

- Added significant speedups in font-lock engine

- Added support for full complexity of backtick syntax

- Operators at the end or beginning of line force expression continuation in indentation

- Map haskell-mode-format-imports to C-c C-, to avoid conflict with haskell-indent

- Improve auto add dependencies in cabal

- Fix inferior-haskell warning font lock for GHC 8.0

* Changes in 13.20

- Require at least Emacs 24.1

- Honor equals on its own line in data decl

- Honor equals on separate line after guards

- Allow haskell-process-path-* to be lists

- Fontify True/False in cabal mode

- Align | with = in data declarations

- Remove haskell-package.el

- Run stylish-haskell before save

- Improved lexeme parsing in haskell-lexeme

- Add haskell-interactive-copy-to-prompt

- Remove haskell-mode-contextual-space and related var

- Make haskell-indent-region do nothing

- Add c2hs mode

- Improve hasktags handling

- Move documentation from wiki to haskell-mode manual

* Changes in 13.18

- Removed haskell-bot

- Implement shallow indentation

- Removed haskell-simple-indent

- Removed haskell-indentation show dynamic positions

- Improved indentation inside multiline strings

- Implemented font-lock for quasi quoted XML, HTML and JavaScript

- Added '{type|data} family' to font-lock-keywords-create

- Started using undercover.el for emacs lisp coverage

- Added keybinding for `haskell-cabal-visit-file`

- Added type role to font lock

- Detect and respect the comma style of a section in cabal files

* Changes in 13.16

- Improved parsing of comma lists in haskell indentation

- Declared turn-on-haskell-indentation as obsolete

- Improved QuasiQuote font lock

- Fixed indentation for Unicode symbols

- Improved completion engine

- Added support for interaction with stack ghci

- Added haskell-forward-sexp

- Added overlays to haskell load

- Made use of lexical binding for all emacs lisp sources

- Improved indentation of guards with commas

- Made three indentation modes mutually turn each other off

- Added an additional trigger for pragma suggestions

- Improved and documented `toggle-scc-at-point` in manual

* Changes in 13.14

- Add official Haskell Mode logo

- Add auto deploy for html manual

- Improve presentation mode

- Font Lock refactoring and improvements

- Properly delimit operators in prettify mode

- OPTIONS and LANGUAGE completion using ghci

- Merge hi2 (haskell-indentation attempt 2) in place of haskell-indentation