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Dracula Theme
dracula-theme-1.8.2.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 80.0 KiB
tienne Deparis <>
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Full description

A dark color theme available for a number of editors.
This theme tries as much as possible to follow the consensual
specification (see URL `').

Old versions

dracula-theme-1.8.1.tar.lz2023-Sep-04 332 KiB
dracula-theme-1.7.0.tar.lz2021-Oct-227.38 KiB


Version 1.8.2

Fix ansi-color definition
Support solaire-mode

Version 1.8.1

Fix missing 1.8.0 docstring...

Version 1.8.0

New package support:

- Add support for ansi-color-names-vector
- Add support for bookmark-face
- Add support for (e)diff-mode. Add dark-red and dark-green new colors
- Add support for eldoc-box
- Add support for elfeed
- Add support for gemini-mode and elpher
- Add support for go-test
- Add support for header-line
- Add support for ivy
- Add support for lsp-ui
- Add support for neotree
- Add support for perspective and mini-modeline
- Add support for reStructuredText
- Add support for selectrum-mode
- Add support for shadow-face
- Add support for speedbar
- Add support for telephone-line
- Add support for tooltip-face
- Add support for tree-sitter and add missing font-lock faces
- Add support for web-mode-css-property-name-face
- Add support for which-key-mode

- Fix ‘message-cited-text-*’ colors
- Use same color for gnus than message mode and old mu4e-view mode
- Follow dracula color specs for Markdown and Org mode
- Improve readability of company colors
- Improve default mode-line colors
- Set powerline active and inactive dracula colors
- Improve completions (from minibuffer.el) colors

Terminal related things:

- Try a new 256 colors palette
- Add a setting to force 24bit colors on 256 colors terms
- Do not advertize dracula-use-24-bit-colors-on-256-colors-terms in README
- Avoid black and black text for TUI applications
- Use a dark menubar on terminals

Tests related things:

- Improve a little test script
- Avoid auto-save-default folder creation in test profile
- Remove test profile from melpa package content

README related things:

- Remove outdated homebrew instructions
- Update screenshot
- Update install instruction to advertize NonGNU Elpa
- Update README configure section with correct names.
- 📃 Standardize docs with other dracula repositories


- Fix comment before color listing
- Use unspecified-bg/-fg instead of nil color spec
- Use inherit highlight for two matching company faces
- Remove useless , in front of inherited faces
- Remove cl-lib dependency
- Reduce eval call scope
- Little change to file metadata
- Remove some unspecified color specifications
- Alphabetically sort basic faces settings
- Move mode-line faces in basic faces section
- Little adjustments for eglot package
- Remove bg3 as it was very similar to dracula-current
- Rename other-blue to dark-blue
- Colorize shr title as in the other markup modes
- Improve magit faces