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P2P filesystem
hyperdrive-0.3.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 600 KiB
Joseph Turner <~ushin/>
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hyperdrive.el - P2P filesystem in Emacs

28.2: status 29.1: status snapshot: status

Hyperdrive is a P2P, real-time, local-first, versioned filesystem designed for easy peer-to-peer file sharing. hyperdrive.el is an independent project built by USHIN which provides an Emacs interface for managing hyperdrives.


See the manual for installation instructions.


For more information, please see the manual. For recent changes, see the changelog.

Bugs and Patches

Bugs can be submitted to the ushin issue tracker. Patches, comments or questions can be submitted to the ushin public inbox.

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You're welcome to join our public XMPP chat room!

Old versions

hyperdrive-0.2.tar.lz2023-Oct-1594.0 KiB
hyperdrive-0.1.0.tar.lz2023-Sep-0367.6 KiB


All notable changes to hyperdrive.el will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

0.3 [2023-12-02 Sat]


  • Redesigned *hyperdrive-mirror* buffer using taxy-magit-section
  • hyperdrive-open-at-version: Open the current file or directory at a specific version
  • Support following relative filename links in hyperdrive markdown-mode buffers
  • find-file-at-point integration
  • Added hyperdrive completion category which affects the hyperdrive-complete-hyperdrive completing-read interface
  • Embark integration: Run embark-act while interactively selecting a hyperdrive to choose an alternative action
  • Add customization options to control how hyperdrives, files, and folders are displayed: hyperdrive-entry-format customization group
  • Add customization option hyperdrive-gateway-process-type to start hyper-gateway as an Emacs subprocess or systemd service


  • Simplified hyperdrive-menu by moving commands which required selecting a hyperdrive into hyperdrive-menu-hyperdrive
  • Refactored the *hyperdrive-mirror* buffer to use taxy-magit-section
  • Removed rx form option in hyperdrive-mirror
  • The "Hyperdrive" menu bar now shows up at the top-level
  • Use positional arguments in hyperdrive-mirror and hyperdrive-upload-files
  • Require at least Emacs 28.1+


  • Fixed single click on directory column header
  • Fixed a bug which caused hyperdrive-menu to fail when the current entry's next version was unknown
  • Uploaded files now retain the timestamp of the local file
  • Fixed a regression in hyperdrive-mirror without confirmation


  • Use Emacs 28 shorthands

0.2 [2023-10-14 Sat]


  • hyperdrive-menu is the new control panel. Bind it to a convenient key!
  • hyperdrive-menu-bar-mode enables the "Hyperdrive" menu bar inside "Tools"
  • org-insert-link automatically inserts relative links to hyperdrive files within the same drive
  • hyperdrive-find-file-other-window: Press o in the directory or history buffer to open a new window
  • yank-media: On Emacs 29 or later, run M-x yank-media in a hyperdrive directory to upload the image in the clipboard
  • info-look: Press i in *help* to open the user manual
  • save-some-buffers integration
  • view-mode: Press v in the directory or history buffer to open a file in view-mode
  • Org-mode link completion
  • directory view sorting by column (with clickable headers)


  • hyperdrive-version-ranges is now persisted, speeding up hyperdrive-history
  • Fewer buffers are created by default (see hyperdrive-reuse-buffers)
  • hyperdrive-mode keybindings now work when viewing hyper:// files in EWW
  • History buffer displays right away; press + to load an unknown range
  • hyperdrive-delete now works in hyperdrive file buffers
  • Removed unused hyperdrive-storage-location defcustom


  • Fixed "Hyperdrive" listing in *info* dir (top)
  • Fixed imenu face
  • Removed unused defcustom hyperdrive-hyper-gateway-p2p-port
  • Fixed version history navigation in directories
  • Allow entering URLs without hyper://
  • Prevent accidental loss of unsaved hyperdrive files
  • Prompt before overwriting with hyperdrive-write-buffer
  • Fixed a native compilation bug related to kill-all-local-variables
  • Fixed opening hyperdrive PDFs in doc-view
  • Improved error handling


  • Check DNSLink domains for suspicious characters

0.1 [2023-08-12 Sat]

  • Initial release