Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rocks
cider-1.14.0snapshot0.20240220.72100.tar (.sig), 2024-Feb-20, 1.26 MiB
Bozhidar Batsov <>
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Full description

Provides a Clojure interactive development environment for Emacs, built on
top of nREPL.  See for more details.

Old versions

cider-1.14.0snapshot0.20240219.81852.tar.lz2024-Feb-19 233 KiB
cider-1.14.0snapshot0.20240218.202041.tar.lz2024-Feb-18 233 KiB
cider-1.14.0snapshot0.20240201.203845.tar.lz2024-Feb-01 233 KiB
cider-1.14.0snapshot0.20240129.132510.tar.lz2024-Jan-29 232 KiB
cider-1.13.0snapshot0.20240103.174102.tar.lz2024-Jan-03 232 KiB
cider- 229 KiB
cider- 228 KiB
cider- 227 KiB
cider- 202 KiB
cider- 189 KiB



master (unreleased)

New features
  • #3622: Basic support for using CIDER from clojure-ts-mode
    • The clojure-mode dependency is still required for CIDER to function
    • Some features like cider-dynamic-indentation and cider-font-lock-dynamically do not work with clojure-ts-mode (yet).
  • Bump the injected nREPL to 1.1.1.

1.13.1 (2024-02-01)

Bugs fixed
  • #3605: avoid cider--error-phase-of-last-exception recursive loop.
  • #3613: adapt cider-completion-context.el to upstream changes in Compliment.
  • #3587: avoid overlays and messages on stderr that is unrelated to exception handling.

1.13.0 (2024-01-14)

  • #3588: Compatibility with pwsh 7.3 quoting rules.
  • Introduce the cider-log-show function.
  • Bump the injected enrich-classpath to 1.19.0.
  • Bump the parseedn required version to 1.2.1.
  • Bump the injected cider-nrepl to 0.45.0.
    • Introduces Timbre compatibility for CIDER Log Mode.
    • Fixes JS completions for nested objects.
    • Bundles other fixes and reliability improvements.

1.12.0 (2023-11-24)

  • #3576: CIDER Inspector: display Java class/method/field block tags (Returns/Throws/Params info) when available.
  • CIDER Inspector: introduce 1 keybinding which performs cider-inspector-tap-at-point.
  • CIDER Inspector: introduce o keybinding which performs cider-inspector-open-thing-at-point.
  • CIDER Inspector: introduce : keybinding which performs cider-inspect-expr-from-inspector.
  • CIDER Inspector: retain truncate-lines values across screens.
  • #3580: cider-test: make test vars in test results reports clickable.
    • As defined in the newly introduced cider-test-var-keymap var.
  • #3582: Handle cider-clojure-compilation-error-phases values that have been customized to t.
  • #3581: Bump the injected enrich-classpath to 1.18.6.
    • Handles Clojure CLI :paths directly defined as :aliases.
  • Bump the clojure-mode required version to 5.18.1.
  • Bump the injected cider-nrepl to 0.44.0.

1.11.1 (2023-11-11)

  • Bump the injected cider-nrepl to 0.43.3.
    • Improves performance for error-handling functionality.
  • Bump the injected enrich-classpath to 1.18.4. ... ...